Concerning Dialysis
on Vacation

To individuals traveling to Kanazawa and the Hokuriku Region

"I want to travel with peace of mind
even while on dialysis."
We can make that dream a reality.

Have you ever had a worry
like one of these?

  • I'm on dialysis,
    so I can't go on a long trip.
  • I can't find anywhere to receive dialysis in the Hokuriku region.
  • I can't find a hospital performing dialysis in a private room.
  • I can't find a place for receiving high-grade dialysis.

Advantages of Receiving Dialysis
on Vacation at Nishi Inter Naika / Dialysis Clinic

Advantages of Receiving Dialysis
on Vacation at Nishi Inter Naika / Dialysis Clinic

  • 1.Enjoy your long-term vacation to the Hokuriku Region with peace of mind.
  • 2.Our hospital is located in a time-efficient location in close proximity to the main sightseeing spots in Kanazawa.
  • 3.Patients can receive Japan's high-grade dialysis while on vacation.
  • 4.Payment can be performed by credit card.
  • 5.Make procedures at the hospital smooth by going through a travel agency.
  • 6.Use us as many times as you like as your family physician in Kanazawa.

Process of Receiving Dialysis on Vacation

In Order to Receive Dialysis



Please make a reservation with us through the tour company you used to plan your trip.


Speak With Your Main Doctor

Have the doctor you regularly see write up a letter of introduction and dialysis records for you. Please send your dialysis records to us in advance by fax.

Procedures on the Day of Treatment



Show your letter of introduction from your main doctor and other documentation at our reception desk. First-time patients will need to fill out a medical questionnaire.


Change Clothes

We have separate men and women's locker rooms. Please use the appropriate room to change into the proper attire to receive dialysis.


Blood Pressure/Body Weight Measurements

We perform blood pressure and body weight measurements before dialysis begins in order to track changes of water amounts in the patient's body.


Guidance to the Dialysis Room

Now we're ready to start dialysis. The time required for the procedure will vary depending on the patient.


Dialysis Treatment

We have devices available to watch television or DVDs while you receive treatment.
If you would like to use your smartphone to browse the internet, you may make use of our Wi-Fi as well.

Items to Bring With You

  • Introduction letter from your main doctor
  • Any medicine you are regularly taking
  • Copies of records for your past three most recent dialysis treatments
  • Pajamas (rentals are available as well)

Nishi Inter Naika / Dialysis Clinic

2-181 Takabatake, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa, 921-8001

Dialysis Center Hours of Operation
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Morning Treatments Begin:8:30 AM
Afternoon Treatments Begin:12:30 PM
Afternoon Treatments Begin:17:30 PM

Closed: Sundays